What is pronunciation?



It is very important to understand each component of this definition in order to produce the sound(s) in the manner or standardization that is appropriate for your liking.


We will go into detail of all the sounds or ( phonemes ) in manner of articulation, stress, and intonation.  In this website, each sound, syllable, or words will be produced with video/audio and description in regards to Standard American English.


English Sounds




/th/ sound θ    
/sh/ sound ʃ    


/eɪ/ - "take" /eɘ/ - "bear"
/aɪ/ - "buy" /ɘʊ/ - "bow"
/ɔɪ/ - "toy" /ʊə/ - "tour"
/ɪə/ - "hear" /aʊ/ - "out"

English Phonetics

Phonetics is the identification and classification of individual sounds.  In learning to produce all the sounds of the English language, it is very important to understand all facets of each sound production.  We will put together a sound chart that will go into detail and classification of each sound to help you along in the process of optimal speech production.

How to Produce the /th/ sound

How to Produce the /sh/ sound